Malaaq Hassanoow Umuroow "How can 2 or 3 poor subclans capture us that we Rahawein are 30 tribes ?

25 August, 2013 in English News by
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    Malaaq Hassanoow Umuroow "How can 2 or 3 poor subclans capture us that we Rahawein are 30 tribes ?

    If we glance at the dark history initially Somalia had only two political Parties Hasbiya from Maay and Lego from Maha those generally struggled against the colonies colonizing the country years and so many years which conduced that Somalians to begi

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If we glance at the dark history initially Somalia had only two political Parties Hasbiya from Maay and Lego from Maha those generally struggled against the colonies colonizing the country years and so many years which conduced that Somalians to begin establishing liberation movement to throw the harness of the colonies away The policy of state should concern the finance, defense and the regulation of the country but so far after Somalia freed from the colony and stood on its own feet the situation of this war-torn land had been worsening because of maladministration attributed by nepotism, injustice and corruption particularly South West State The large and great land of Rahawein DM between the two rivers.


After the country was liberated in 1960 Hasbiya Rahaweinian Party had been destroyed in the name of governmental power by showing the great Somali population that this party Hasbiya Maay is pro- colony and working for the the colony but actually this was not true and the result came from this action became that most of the Hasbiya demagogues were killed part of them jailed and the other rests forced to evacuate from their own territory.

Hasbiya Maay party terminated there and the second step the cannibals commenced to perish the Rahawein DM population again to eradicate them from the world, they banned Maay Language first and told that Maay couldn't be spoken nevertheless Somalia belong to Somalians that means Maay must not speak about their land if occupied by other Somalis who aren't originally born in South.

How ever the defiant dictator regime of Siyad Barre Afweyne was over thrown the year in 1991 by SNM Dir, USC Hawiye, SDM Rahawein and SPM SDDF Darod after the situation deteriorated the worst came into the worst because the agreement of the rebels had been definitely broken, the agreement said "that every group establishes a rigid administration in its own land".

But in despite of this did not happen what Rahawein intended, bad news, South Westerns were invaded their land and completely captured, looted their property, ripped their female young and old, destroyed their homes and killed dozen by dozens because of their Maay Language and the richer land bestowed them by Allah.

It was the first hope time in 1995 after RRA Rahawein Resistant Army emerged which liberated half of the Rahaweinian land South West State of Somalia but unlucky the power of RRA was alloyed after the enemy gazed at that it's a fatal hazard if RRA exists longer because the gangsters wanted not to leave the land of South Westerners mostly called Rahawein DM who locate and belong to Lower Jubba, Baay, Lower SHabelle, Gedo, Middle Jubba and Bakool regions.

Before yesterday SHiine Moalin Nurow one of the RRA prominent leaders fiercely narrated about the gangs invaded Kismanyo and Lower SHabale and sent a counter blast message to the aggressors after for a while all Rahaweinian DM head of representatives met in a special session which was analyzing the far futurity of Rahawein who reside and belong to South West States as a heritage.

Malaag Hassanow Umurow who is greatly famous and fully respected in the Somali territory has voraciously discoursed about the new righteous lethal civil war coming-forth approaching Rahaweinian people young and old which is unavoidable.

Malaag Hasanow Umurow speaking to crucial capricious sultans and military reasonably and anorally recited Rahawein contained 30 tribes " 1: Eelaay, 2: Garre, 3: Hadame, 4: Hariin, 5: Luwaay, 6: Jiido, 7: Leysaan, 8: Waanjeel, 9: Geeledle, 10: Tuni, 11: Asharaaf, 12: Gasaaregude, 13: Haraaw, 14: SHanta-aleemood, 15: Disow, 16: Yantaar, 17:, Eemid, 18: Bagadi, 19: Reerdumaal, 20: Hubeer, 21: Qoomaal, 22: Gawaaweyn, 23: Geledi, 24: Yaladle, 25: Jilible, 26: Heledi, 27: Garwaale, 28: Dabare, 29: Eyle, and 30th Moalin-Weyne",  therefore the Sultan asked him self how can 2 or 3 subclans Habagidir or Ogaden or Marahen etc capture their own land Arlaadi and blot their dignity and existence that they are 30 main tribes each more and braveness than the either of the aggressors".

Chief Hassanow Umurow added his tangible speech that Rahawein shouldn't surrender and should defend against the local gangs from thousand and thousand KMs who conspired to perish the Maay people South Western original population to undertake the prosperous soil South West, the chief said "As Rahawein we gradually fight against who occupied our land the 6th South West Provinces Lower Jubba, Baay, Lower SHabele, Gedo, Middle Jubba and Bakool until we pass away from the the world in dignity to doomsday or regain our territorial borders alife in our country remarkably ruling our selves with our own hands".

And the other hand, in abroad there are multinational multifarious meetings organizing and attending by Rahaweinian diaspora to collect military financial ammunition contacting one other inside and outside those their main purpose is merely the main cause to defend South West coherently.

There are secret sensible sources receiving some South Western medias coverage from inside that Rahaweinian warriors have been satrted to be recruited in the name of Rahawein National Force those are intended to liberate the occupied provinces such Kismanyo and Lower Shabale both part of the Sixth regions of South West State of Somalia.

Military demagogues who aren't enact of to be known their Military secret planes affirmed us that the new Rahawein liberation forces are being collected from towns and the country sides of the sixth provinces South West and recruited fixed military bases in Lower SHabale and Baay regions.

The first elements of Rahaweinian national forces recruited will be sent to Kismanyo and Afgoyi to belabour the military mission to drive out the enemy whom dreamed astonishing false idea of to capture men's land a life, in addition the mobilization of this fatal war are led by Digil brothers though the fighting would be entered-fore together.

The experts comment on the Somali political affairs say "If the coming blazing hostility isn't suspended could be catastrophic and posses a great danger faces the great Somalia particularly Southern Somali People who are despaired long lasting peace probability".

The experts expatiated that "There is no more immediate and danger posses the security and existence of the Somali society other than this fight approaching from the South which can pave the way of brutal endless civil war harder and  more hazard than the one of in 1991.

Apart from Allah Sultans are the last decision makers of Rahaweinian people South West State and the experts finally are expressing "If Rahaweinian chief elders conspired to enter-fore against the enemy coherently it means that nothing rests only the burst of the fire shells so Rahawein participated a war world should never vilify it".

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