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The TFG issued a statement on the repossession of all the illegally occupied State Property

26 January, 2012 in English News by Baidoanews Webmaster
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    The TFG issued a statement on the repossession of all the illegally occupied State Property

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In a meeting at villa Somalia chaired by the president of the Republic, H.E. Sh. Sharif Sh. the issue of the state property illegally occupied by individuals was discussed.

This was a follow up meeting to an earlier one in which the Participants ( see below ) were tasked to propose recommendations in tackling this thorny issue.

This, long overdue, issue was precipitated by the requirement to build and/or renovate 94 schools being funded by our Turkish brothers.

After long discussions the meeting decided on the following.

1.That a final NOTICE should be given to all those who occupied any government property, since 1991, to vacate them within 12 days starting from today the 25th of Jan. 2012 – 5th of Feb. 2012.

2.That those who vacate them within the specified period should be given AMNESTY and not prosecuted for their illegal occupation of State property.

3.That any one who does not vacate and continues to occupy state property after the above date will be forcibly evicted and then prosecuted for illegal occupation of state property and forced to full rent for the whole period they occupied the property.


1. The President of Transitional Federal Government

2. The Prime Minister of the Transitional Federal Government

3. The Speaker of the Parliament

4. The commissioners of the 16 districts of the capital

5. The heads of the Armed Services

6. The Mayor of Mogadishu

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